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The d'Alembert Betting System

The d'Alembert betting strategy was invented by French mathematician, Jean le Rond d'Alembert. The name of this system is therefore self-explanatory as it took on the name of its creator.

It can be pretty fun to play and it is very easy to learn. A lot of people like to use this betting strategy for roulette as well.

How to use the d'Alembert Betting System

You begin this system by placing a bet of 1 unit. A unit can be whatever amount you desire (I like to use whatever the table minimum is).

The main thing to remember is that you increase your bet by one unit after each loss, and decrease your bet by one unit after each win. Check out this chart for more details.

Let's say that you place a bet for a single unit of $5 and lose. Your next bet would then be 2 units, or $10. If you lose again your bet increases to 3 units ($15) and then 4 units ($20) and so forth.

Then, after every win your bet decreases by 1 until you are back to betting a single unit again. This helps eliminate the possibility of wiping out and you can go much longer under this betting system.

The d'Alembert offers a much more careful approach to the game. The slower pace involved with this system enables the player to begin with a higher betting amount, if desired. It is also a very good system for recovering losses.
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