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The Paroli Betting System

The Paroli betting system is pretty much the opposite of the Martingale system. In this betting system you double your bet after every win and bet low after each loss. To do this, you need a betting plan before you start playing. You need to decide how far you are willing to go with your betting before you decide to start over again.

Here is one example; say you are playing some online blackjack and brought $100 to the table. Using the Paroli strategy, you place a $2 bet and win. You then place your second bet of $4. You win again and place your third bet of $8.

At this point you decide that 3 consecutive wins will be your stopping point and proceed back to the original bet of $2.

Should I Use the Paroli Betting System?
One of the greatest advantages to this blackjack betting strategy is that it does not require a large bankroll compared to many other betting systems you might find. This betting strategy is also considered to be a more stable than other betting systems.

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