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Card Counting- Revere Point

 As I'm sure you can see, the Revere Point is quite different from many other counting systems.  Where most card counting systems give a point value of -1 to 10's and A's, the Revere Point gives -2. 

Another thing, if you are already used to card counting with more traditional methods (hi-lo, zen, uston ss), it can be tricky to get used to the idea that 3, 4, 5, and 6 are worth +2 instead of +1.  After a few hours of practice your brain will get used to the idea, but to master the count will take much longer.

The good news is, while the Revere Point is a harder count than most, it has an excellent betting correlation at .99.  This means that it is highly accurate at predicting what amount to bet.  This results in you maximizing your winnings, while minimizing losses.  At least we know that all the hours of daunting practice will pay off!

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