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Card Counting- The Omega II System

The Omega II Counting Strategy
Level of Difficulty: 2 (advanced)

The Omega II was used by many pros in the 90's, however due to its difficulty many have abandoned this system in favor of ones less complex.As you can see from the chart, the point values are much different in the Omega II system. Additionally, it is less effective if you do not keep an ace count on the side, so I would advise that you do. This makes it even more challenging, but if you can master it you will have it made at any casino you go into.

The Omega II is the one of, if not the strongest counting system that currently exists. The betting correlation (how good the system is at recognizing favourable conditions) is 0.92 without and Ace count, and 0.99 with an Ace count!  This makes the Omega II a card counter's dream, if he can master it.

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