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Card Counting- Uston SS

The Uston SS Card Counting System
Level of difficulty: 3

The Uston SS is an advanced, Level 3, unbalanced card counting strategy.  It is highly optimized for betting (predicting the right amount to wager).  Since it is unbalanced, you do not need to worry about figuring out the true count.  It took me hours of online practise before I got this tricky count down pat, but since then, it has worked miracles at the casinos.

First written about in "The Uston SS Count" (1986),  Ken Uston's system literally blew the minds of professional blackjack players everywhere.  It will definitely take some time to master, but once you have it under your belt you will literally be able to treat casinos like your personal piggy bank.

The Uston SS has the highest betting correlation of any card counting system that I've heard of.  This means that it very accurately predicts when to bet big, and when to retract.  I highly recommend practising the Uston SS online before taking it to the land-based casinos.  Two solid online casinos that I would highly recommend are Cherry Red and Mount Rushmore because the odds are 100% legit (I know, I've tracked them).  Now remember, card counting does not work online, but it is still fun to gamble while practising online.

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