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Learn To Read Dealer Tells In Blackjack

Reading the dealer's tells is gaining huge popularity by blackjack pros everywhere. I once read about a guy who made over a million dollars in less than 3 years by travelling across the world and hitting up different casinos and looking for tells.

Here are a few things to look for the next time you are at the blackjack tables.

1. If the dealer glances at the hole card very quickly, the card is probably a face value. This is because they do not take long to calculate.

2. The best card for observing a dealer tell is the 4. This is because the 4 looks identical to the Ace from the bottom corner. This forces the dealer to lift the card up a bit higher to see the whole number. So look for times when the dealer lifts the card higher than normal and it will tell you that the card is either an Ace or a 4.

3. Examine the dealer for any kind of quirks that they might display after looking at their hole card. Some dealer's will blink if they see a blackjack so look for that when you are offered insurance. Other dealers (because they are assholes) will have a tiny smirk when they see a 21. Look for the corners of the lip curling, it will be very slight.

That's about it from me folks, good luck at the tables everyone!

Oh! And take the casinos for everything they are worth. Turn those dealers upside down and shake every last penny out of them.

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