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Card Counting- The Kiss III System

The Kiss III Counting Strategy
Level of Difficulty: 1

The KISS strategies are designed to start easy and get harder as you go. The KISS III counting system is similar to the Red7 and works best with shoe games (meaning more than one deck). You will find that the Kiss III is much more accurate for betting compared to the KISS II.

Making the switch from the KISS II to the KISS III is easy as pie. The count is almost exactly the same, the only difference being that 7's are counted as +1 under the KISS III whereas 7's hold no value in the KISS II. The Kiss III is also a suit-aware count as you can see on the chart above. As you can tell, the 2 is counted differently depending on the color of the suit. Reds are +1, blacks are 0. This will increase the accuracy of your count even further.

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1 comment:

David Al-Hajjar said...

Hi, What is the Bet spread on this system? And must you convert to True count in a multiple deck game? What's the starting point after shuffle, I heard that it ain't 0,,thanks