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10 Tips for Making Money at Blackjack

Take it from me, there are steps you can take right now that will have you making money at blackjack almost immediately.

How is this possible? With casino bonuses my friend. That's right, online casinos give huge sign-up bonuses to new players. Some of them even match your deposit, dollar for dollar!

Anyways, I have devised 10 tips aimed at helping the average player make money at blackjack instantly.

10 Tips for Making Money At Blackjack

1. Sign up for an online casino. Look for ones that have big sign up bonuses for new players. I have put some of the best ones on the right hand side of my blog for your convenience.

2. Make a deposit. The amount that you choose will be the amount that the casino match. For example, if you deposit $500 the casino will give you $500 to match.

3. Bet aggressively. Remember, this isn't your money it's the casinos. If you lose it all, don't dip into your money. Transfer it back to your bank account and signup to another online casino! There are so many out there that you can do this for a long long time.

4. Double up, then walk away. If you are winning with your bonus money, once you double up, walk away. You will only win in the short term.

5. Never split two 10's.

6. Always hit a 16 against a dealer's 10.

7. Always hit a soft 17 against a 9 and 10.

8. Unless you are card counting, never ever take insurance.

9. Quit while you're ahead.

10. Quit while you're ahead.

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