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Counting Two Cards At The Same Time

One of the keys to success with card counting is to learn to count two cards at the same time. This saves a ton of mental evergy compared to counting each card individually.

For example, if we're using the hi-lo count and a 5-6 pops up you should count it as +2 instead of counting each card individually. In other words, always ignore the value of the first card until the second card is dealt.

Take a look at something like 2, and 10. As you can see, these two cards cancel eachother. If you learn to count in pairs your brain will automatically learn to disregard high/low pairs and you will be able to save a ton of mental energy. This should allow you to stay focused longer which will lead to less mistakes in the long run. And as every card counter knows, less mistakes = more money in the bank!

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