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Card Counting- The Kiss II System

The KISS II Counting Strategy
Level of difficulty: 1

The Kiss II strategy is an unbalanced level 1 counting system. It first appeared in Blackjack Bluebook II and quickly gained popularity among blackjack enthusiasts. The Kiss strategies are designed to start simple and get harder as you move up. Kiss 1 is used by only beginners who don't play blackjack often. You are much better to start with Kiss II or Kiss III. The Kiss II works better with single deck games while the Kiss III has better results for multiple decks.

The tricky part to learning the Kiss II counting system is that it's a suit aware count. In this system the 2's are counted differently, depending on the color of the suit. Hearts and diamonds (any red card) are worth +1, clubs and spades are worth 0. Keep in mind that this only applies to 2's, all the other cards you would disregard the suit.

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