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The "Let it Ride" Betting System

The "Let It Ride" betting system, also known as the "Parlay" betting system, is a positive progression betting strategy. It is also one of my favourite betting systems because I love to yell "LET IT RIDE" when I have a big hand on the table. The Let it Ride betting system is one of the oldest forms of wagering, and is thought to cover some of the flaws in the Martingale system. It does this through a system known as pyramiding.

How to use the "Let it Ride" betting system

The trick to pyramiding is to choose a number of wins beforehand, and when you reach that number go back to your original bet.

Say that you win a $25 hand. You then decide, "I am going for a three win streak". You keep adding all of your winnings into the bet and once you win three in a row, take your winnings and return to the original wager.

The other time that you would return to your original bet is if you lose at any point. You then wait for another win before trying to "let it ride" again. Don't try to employ this betting strategy in the middle of a losing streak. This is one of the dumbest things you could do.

In my opinion, this betting system is one of the most fun. I have won many times using this method and it is very exciting when you are playing a big hand and win.

Just last week I was using this betting system making original bets of $5. Things were going up and down for a long time, and then I hit a small losing streak. I put down $5 and won. "Let it ride!" I put my $10 win into the pot for a total of $20. My next hand is... blackjack, for a win of $15 dollars! "Let it ride!" I throw my $15 into the pot for a juicy $25 bet. The dealer busts on 14! "Just one more" I say to myself as I throw in my $25 win to let it. Next hand is... blackjack!

I had just won $125 in the blink of an eye and had a huge adrenaline rush going. Granted, it doesn't always work out like that, but isn't it great when it does? I love the Let it Ride betting system.

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