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How To Count Cards At Blackjack

There are definitely many strategies you can use that will make you into the next Raymond. (What!? You mean you don't have to be autistic to count cards?) No! And I will teach you how.

"Bet, definititely bet."

Today I will focus on the methods you can use to learn how to count cards at blackjack faster.

Obviously there are tons of online programs you can use. An advantage of this is that it allows to learn counting while playing the game. This is the best way in my opinion.

The strategy that worked for me however was simply sitting alone in my room with a deck of cards while flipping through it hundreds of times. I would also shuffle each time in between. Eventually I started to time myself and got down to 15 seconds. At that point card counting had become second nature to me.

If you get bored (and it is boring) you can mix it up a bit by taking a few high or low cards out of the deck and seeing if your count is still accurate. It is better than having it end up at 0 everytime.

Well, thats about it from me for today. Check out my links on the left if you are looking for actual card counting systems.

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