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Card Counting- The Hi-Lo System

The Hi-Lo Counting Strategy
Level of difficulty: 1

The Hi-Lo count was my ace in the hole for the longest time. I would frequently visit casinos with my friends, watching them burn a hole in their pockets yet still finding ways to criticise my game.

"Why don't you just play poker? Blackjack is a fool's game!"

"I don't LIKE poker, OK? It's slow, boring, monotonous... not for me! Oh, and by the way, where did all your cash go?

The Hi-Lo counting strategy is the first system I ever learned and is still one of my favorites because it taught my buddies to shut their traps. Now they want me to teach them to count cards!

Don't be fooled into thinking the Hi-Lo is weak because it's simple. Master the count and you will be making money hand over fist (literally). The only hard part in maintaining your focus and concentration.

Low cards- Two, three, four, five, and six are all given a value of +1. These cards are bad for us because they make it less likely for the dealer to bust.

High cards- Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace are given a value of -1. These cards help us out by increasing our probability of getting 17 or above on our first two cards. It also increases the dealer's chances of busting.

Neutral cards- The cards seven, eight, and nine have no value so you basically ignore them.

Here is a great betting system that you can use with the Hi-Lo or any other card counting system.

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1 comment:

Ross said...

Hello, I have been training with the Hi-Lo strategy for a little bit and was wondering if I should go to Zen or Omega II. Should I switch or do you think Hi-Lo is good enough?