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Eight Simple Rules To Help You Win At Blackjack

You can definitely gain an advantage in blackjack that will result in long term consistent profit. But what can you do to maximize your winnings?

Well my friends, here are 8 simple rules that will save your ass at the tables.

1. Learn Basic Strategy

I can't stress this enough. If you do not master basic blackjack strategy you will be forever lost.

2. Manage Your Money Correctly

You can easily manage your blackjack money by sticking to a betting system that works for you. My two favorites are the martingale and oscar grind, but there are plenty of others out there.

3. Learn to Count Cards Using a Specific System

 If you are really looking to get serious at blackjack you will have to have some mad card counting skills. It has been mathematically proven that card counting gives the player a slight edge over the casino. Time to start treating it like your personal piggy bank. Remember, the most complex system doesn't necessarily mean it is the best. I have had lots of luck with the hi-lo count and it is definitely the easiest of them all.

4. Estimate the True Count

This is easy to do. To get the true count (the number you use to determine how much to bet) all you have to do is take the running count and divide it by the number of decks left to be played. To do this you have to eyball the size of the dealer's shoe and make a estimate of how many decks are still in play.

5. Learn to Adjust Your Bet Size Based on the True Count

As the true count goes up gradually increase your bet. As the true count goes down, decrease the size of your bet. You will always lose more hands then you will win, so in order to make money you have to jack up your bet when the odds are favorable. This is a key tip to your future success at blackjack.

6. Play with Favorable House Rules

Look around, different casinos offer different games with different odds. Find the best ones and let it ride baby.

7. State of Mind

If you are seriously playing for money, make sure that you are mentally alert and fired up. I like to drink tons of coffee. It gives me a great buzz and man am I alert! Do not try to count while intoxicated. While it is great fun, you usually end up losing. You need to be at your absolute sharpest.

8. Discipline - The Key to Success

In this case discipline means sticking with your system. Never deviate from basic strategy and never ignore what the count is telling you. There is no such thing as luck, there is only mathematical probablities.


Anonymous said...

The tip number 8 is really the most important one. Good if you have it from birth, but also you can learn it from the experience of the best blackjack players

marty@blackjackbettingstrategies said...

so true...

unfortunately for me I was one of the ones who had to learn discipline. You are right however in saying that some people are simply born with it. Lucky bastards...