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The Oscar Grind Betting System

The Oscar Grind betting system was first written about in a book by Allan Wilson called "The Casino Gambler's Guide" back in ol' 1965.

You see, in the 60's, Wilson met a gambler named Oscar who presented him with records of consistent profits using his unique betting system. After examining the records, they did indeed show consistent profits. Oscar had a huge bank account and the balls to put it all on the line for a one-unit-per-cycle win. But you know what? It worked!

So Allan Wilson decided to run 280,000 sequence simulations. The results? It is not impossible to have a profit after 280,000 hands of play, using Oscar's betting system. That is a crazy number or hands! A typical blackjack sitting is only a few hundred to 1000 hands.

The Oscar Grind seems to be one of those rare betting strategies in that it actually stands a chance of being legitimate.  I hear stories from readers all the time about how much cash they have won in only a few weeks, just using Oscar alone.

The Oscar Grind Betting System

You start by betting one unit on an even-money bet. If you win, there is no sequence and you start at one unit again. If you lose, then your next bet will be of the same size as the one you just lost. If you win, then your next bet is one unit larger than the previous bet. When winning you will continue to increase the size of the bet with one unit until the whole sequence gives a profit of one unit or more. At this point, you will bet just enough to give you an accumulated profit of one unit.

The Oscar Grind is definitely the least volatile of any other blackjack betting strategy. I have tried this betting system personally, many times, at Cherry Red and Mount Rushmore (the only two I trust), and have actually reaped in quite a bit of cash over the years.  If anything, it is without a doubt, worth a try.

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