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Playing Blackjack Online For Money? Ten Quick Tips.

Are you thinking about getting your feet wet and making your first deposit at an online casino?  Well before you go ahead and do that, here are ten things you will want to consider.

1.  Many online casinos offer deposit bonuses--in fact pretty much all of them do.  The ones I advertise through this blog are among the best.  I know, because I played online blackjack a ton in my college years.  No word of a lie, I was known as "Gamblore" throughout my residence.  Huge fat tip for ya--stay away from Ultimate Bet, I'm almost certain it's rigged.

2.  Many online gambling sites do not accept U.S citizens.  This is largely due large political influence of American land-based casinos.  The online gambling sites advertised through this blog all accept U.S citizens.

3.  Different online casinos have different payouts.   I have tried many online casinos and have seen enough in my years of playing blackjack to realize that some online casinos are just plain corrupt.  For these companies, having the house edge just isn't enough; they need to cheat too.  The casinos represented on this blog are on the up-and-up, and I know this because I have tracked my playing and recorded my win to lose ratio.

4.  Record your wins and losses!  If you are going to be serious about playing online blackjack with your hard earned money then for God's sake heed my advice on this one.  The only way to find out in the end whether or not an online casino is scamming you is to play enough hands to collect a good amount of data.  Sadly, using this method you have to lose your money before you find out whether the casino is dirty.  How long should you track your win/loss record?  Probably no less that one thousand hands.  Yes, it can be expensive, but too little, and your results won't be accurate.

I have played well over 10,000 hands at both Cherry Red and Rushmore (although less at Rushmore).

Cherry Red-  Win- 48%  Lose- 52%

Rushmore- Win- 48% Lose- 52%

5.  Learn basic strategy.  Online blackjack is a great place to master basic blackjack strategy since you can take your time to make decisions without being rushed by other players.  This gives you the opportunity to use your basic strategy card when making difficult decisions regarding splits and doubling (the most common mistakes).  Capitalizing on your doubles and splits is absolutely necessary if you wish to make money playing online blackjack.

6. Learn to count cards.  I want to stress right now card counting is impossible to use on online casinos because the deck is shuffled after each hand.  However, I find that online blackjack is the best place to practice this skill as there are less distractions and you can take your time to get it right.  Once you get the count down pat, you can move on to land-based casinos and start practicing at a higher pace and with distractions.  If you can master card counting, it is quite possible to make a living off land-based casinos--if you don't get caught.

7.  Many online casinos are not flexible in how they accept payments.  I don't like to use my credit card online, so I usually make my deposits right through my bank account.  All the blogs represented on this site are flexible in their deposit methods.

8.  Some online casinos take a week or more to payout.  I think that is simply ridiculous.  In this technological age, any player should be able to get his winnings in a much more timely manner.

9.  Stay away from UltimateBet!  I have had many bad experiences with their blackjack.

10.  I mean it, stay away from UltimateBet!

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Frances said...

Playing blackjack online would definitely be a great experience for newbie players especially for those who plan to play at a real casino soon.