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Card Counting- The K-O System

The K-O Strategy
Level of difficulty: 1

The "Knock Out" counting strategy, known to most as the "K-O strategy" is one of the most popular counting systems to date. It is a unbalanced count, which makes it much easier because you can use the running count as your true count.

The K-O is considered to be a powerful level 1 system. In fact, when this strategy was first published in 1996, most experts had a difficult time believing that such a powerful counting system could also be so simple. It is now place at the same level as the Hi-Lo system. You can practice this count by flipping through a deck of cards from start to end. If you do it perfect you should have a count of +4 by the time you reach the end.

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Poker Strategy said...

Well that is a awesome gambling technique. I am going to try it one day. I wish i could have a poker strategy that did the same. That is quite hard because in poker everything is quite different.

marty@blackjackbettingstrategies said...

Poker Strategy,

Yeah, there are no betting systems or card counting techniques that work well for poker, you are correct. On the other hand, poker offers the advantage of reading tells which can win you some big bucks if you know what you are doing.

Thanks for commenting, please come back!