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Basic Strategy Blackjack

Common Mistakes Made By Blackjack Players

Are a few plays on the chart surprising you? You might be making a common beginner's boo boo:

1. Not hitting on 16. Always, always, ALWAYS hit on 16 if the dealer has a 7 or higher. If you aren't card counting then hit those 16's!

2, Always splitting 8's. Another common mistake that beginners often make is splitting 8's when going against a 10 or Ace face card. This is a no no... so stop.

3. Not hitting 12's. When the dealer shows a 2, or 3 many people consider these "bust cards" and stand, but it is actually in the player's favor to hit. I made this mistake when I first started out and noticed that after I corrected it, I started winning a lot more hands!

4. Splitting 10's. Who in their right mind would do such a stupid thing? Unless you are counting cards and you know for a fact that the deck is stacked with juicy 10's never, ever split 10's. A 20 is the second best hand you can have in the game!

5. Not hitting a soft 17. While most of the time you would stand, when going up against a 9 or 10 it is actually in your interest to hit. You will win more hands this way.

Trying to count cards without knowing how to play the game is like trying to watch a one armed man clap, it's funny, but it ain't gonna happen.

Last week me and my buds went to the casino and they were amazed by my uncanny ability to "predict" the cards (really I was just using a simple card counting technique).

Needless to say, while they were all down big time, I was up a cool $250. Card counting played a 1-2% role in my victory, solid blackjack strategy did the rest.

So, how did I get so good at blackjack? Through hours and hours of practice online. Since hands are dealt much quicker online than in the casinos, you get much more practice in the same amount of time.

If you are serious about making money through blackjack then you are going to have to study this strategy card until your eyes bleed and the little chart is burned into the back of your brain.

Once you have mastered your basic blackjack strategy move on to the card counting systems I have provided. I strongly recommend the Zen count as it is not only my favorite, but also the most effective.

Well, I'm out... Good luck with your game, and win big!

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Frank said...

Wow, you have a nice collection of betting and card counting systems here. And you explain everything in full detail! Can't wait to start playing at the casino, lol.

Jessica said...

My favorite system is the martingale, it seems to work really well for me. What is yours?

marty@blackjackbettingstrategies said...

Hi Jessica,

My favorite betting strategy is definitely the Oscar Grind. As far as card counting goes, I find the Zen count to be superior to all, but a little tricky to master.

Elicec Kurt said...

Great article. Those mentioned common mistakes in playing blackjack will really help players to increase their chances of winning..

marty@blackjackbettingstrategies said...

Hi Elicec,

You are right, these mistakes can really ruin a players game.

For instance, when I started out I always used to split 8's, even against a 9, or 10. But what good is getting two 18's when you could be going up against a 19 or 20? Once I stopped this I started saving a ton of money.

jean-luc said...

yo, this site the bomb!! I won $300 on Ultimatebet last night using your martingale system. Thanks for this basic strategy as well!

marty@blackjackbettingstrategies said...

Not a problem chief, glad to hear you won a wad of cash! Take care.

Frances said...

This table would surely help blackjack players decide what to do with their current hand.